Different Styles Of Wedding!

Classic wedding

A traditional wedding, it has all that a conventional low key wedding should have. Classic wedding has all the old rituals. It is often quite a formal occasion with a three course dinner. There is not much extravaganza in the chosen reception venue in Sydney. It is an overall formal celebration that includes simple vows taking ceremony, wedding photos, cake cutting, first dance and speeches.

An outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding is to add some energy to the occasion. Outdoor weddings are not held in churches or indoor wedding venues but instead in gardens or outdoor venues. It is best suitable when guests are large in number. Or else a limited people relaxed wedding also fits in.

Destination wedding for the wanderlust

For all those who love to travel and have a good budget set for the wedding, there is not better option than destination wedding. It is all about travelling to a far off place usually distant from bride and groom’s city. Best function venues are chosen to hold the ceremonies. Notable romantic destination for weddings are Sydney, Cape Town, Santorini, Rome and many more.

Make your wedding old school with vintage style

For all those who like old school, vintage style includes all elements of retro or pre 70s. Wedding theme colours are rustic and rather less vibrant. Overall styling and bridegroom’s attire is inspired from bygone era. A sit down dinner might not be included but cocktail dinners are a part of this styled theme.

A warm beach wedding

If you are living in a coastal area, then you are of course blessed with beautiful landscapes around. Getting married in the arms of mother nature is what looks like a dream to a few. It is a type of open wedding with everyone dressed vibrantly at a beachside location.

Glamorous wedding

Glamourous wedding is a new school modern wedding style. It is just contrary to classic weddings. Ceremonies are not bound by traditions. Styling of the bride, groom and everyone around is modern and extravagant.