Infertility – Stress Reduction Can Help You Get Pregnant

For couples who are trying hard to conceive, I agree that there is no other bigger crisis than the one caused by infertility to them. 

Believe it or not but stress is just a common instinctive response to the difficulties they now face, particularly among women who undergo medical treatment or assisted reproductive technology. BUT….Emotional stress isn't the only thing that infertile couples need to vie with; the treatment, disappointments, injections, various types of tests and surgery make you depress every day. 

In reality, doctors observe a greater pregnancy rate among women to arrive because of their second IVF cycle because they think more stimulating and less stressed. So take the time faraway from worrying all about your fertility and head to the nearest spa to pamper yourself. 

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Although scientific data on massage and fertility levels are scant, you can't deny that the full-body massage could make you forget about all of your cares in the world. In the January 2004 issue of the International Journal of Neurosciences, several researchers set out to examine the effect of massage on 36 healthy adults. 

The participants were divided in to three groups – one had a reasonable massage, one had a light massage, and one had vibratory massage (think of these massage chairs that vibrate). Throughout the massage therapy, the volunteer’s brain waves were being tracked and imaged by an EKG. The researchers unearthed that while a rub did decrease anxiety and stress in all three groups, the group that received the moderate-pressure massage experienced the greatest dip in stress levels.