The Most Important Pieces of Equipment Of A Security Guard

As a government or privately paid worker who’s hired as a function of protection against force, theft, vandalism and enforcement of contracts, and whose highest priority is the protection of the public, a security guard (SG) has to be pre-equipped with the essential training and the best equipment so as to be able to effectively exercise his or hers disciplinary functions. You can get best Gate Guard Services in USA and Security services by visiting

A Security Guard's Most Important Pieces of Equipment

For this very reason, a growing number of states are making continuing security guard training a legal requirement for retention of licensure.

This requirement is being implemented not just in general SG training classes which include subjects like security, public relations, and crisis deterrence, but also in training types of equipment which are intended to give practical hands-on training in police tactics and weapon use.

By way of example, to carry a baton from the state of California — one of the most essential pieces of gear for a security guard — that the legislation calls for a registered security officer (Safety guards are also referred to as Security Officers) to finish an eight-hour training class at which he or she is required to engage in physically demanding classroom training exercises.

Only upon successful completion of the program, the safety guard is permitted to acquire a “Baton Permit” and carry the weapon on duty. Same goes for a “Tear Gas Permit.” The legislation requires those who would like to carry tear gas on an obligation to complete and pass a two-hour training course approved by the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.