What seems to be the main issue with purchasing table cloths today?

Due to the advent of the Internet and its growing popularity, most of the business has transitioned online. What this means is that there are a lot of people that would find it comfortable to purchase any product that they want online rather than visit the stores. It can have multiple benefits, but the main problem that people have when they purchase online is not having a physical interaction with the product. This means that they can check out the quality of the product in question. When purchasing elements like table cloths, this issue can become a very big problem.

As you see, table cloths need to be felt and touched before people can gauge the quality of the product. So, if there is just a mention of using silk as the main fabric of the table cloth, you might not be able to understand the fineness of the table cloth. So, purchasing table cloths from the Internet can prove to be a problem. However, when you purchase from the store, you do not face the same problems. However, the cost of the product is also going to cause a concern when you purchase from the store. You are not going to get any discount unless there is a sale going on in the store.