Guidelines-Useful for the Sailing Beginners

Sailing terms should be completely understood by those individuals who are beginning their profession in the field of sailing.

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The technical terms will help you to become a good sailor and you will definitely learn new techniques related to this adventure.

Some of the terms and terminologies used in the sailing process are discussed as follows:

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The bow is the starting point of the sailboat. The back point is generally called as the stern.

The right side of the boat where a bow is placed, from which you can view from the boat itself is termed as starboard side. The left side is generally known as the port side.

Tackling is a general term which is used in a sailing adventure. You have to turn the boat first along the port side and then along the starboard size in the zigzag pattern.

Jibing term is used opposite to the tackling process. In this process, you need to turn the wind in the opposite direction behind you. Port track and starboard are adjusted according to the desired position of the wind.

Sailing in the down direction of the wind is referred to as a run. A reach is used when you are sailing in the downward motion relative to the wind. A broad reach term is used when the wind is coming at the certain angle from the behind of the boat.