How Quartz Worktops Measure Up To Cheap and Cheerful Alternatives

If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful kitchen worktop then you will probably be tempted to go for something such as wood veneer. However, it is unlikely that timber veneer will endure for very long until it starts to peel, crack and chip. Find out more details about Quartz worktops at

How Quartz Worktops Measure Up To Cheap and Cheerful Alternatives

The term 'quartz' actually comes from the term 'hard', and it's one of the hardest minerals on the planet. Unless you are going to get your kitchen worktops made from crushed diamonds then it is unlikely you'll get a worktop very much tougher or stronger than one made from quartz.

Quartz worktops have existed for quite a couple of years now, although not everybody has realized it's only really in the past couple of years that the assortment of colors and effects has grown appreciably. It's no longer true that you are able to select from four or five primary colors since now quartz worktops can be found in an astonishing assortment of contrasting colors.

In the deep, dark black to bright, almost primary colors, in addition to classics like beige, cream, brown and white, the manner in which quartz is created today means that you could have a worktop which exactly matches your general kitchen decor.

However, it isn't just colors which you need to know about when considering quartz for a worktop material. Since quartz work surface is produced by crushing stone crystals and then mixing them with a binding agent or resin, it's possible to create various effects by adding extra agents into this mix.