Plastic Tubes – The Different Types

Plastic tubes are always a necessity as they meet the different needs of the market. They are quite affordable and economical thereby suiting all kinds of budgets and at the same time managing to serve the intended purpose. There are different kinds of plastic tubes in the market and each has its own purpose. So you have to buy the tube according to your use. You can explore the web, if you need to know more about use of ice bags.

The types of tube are explained below:

1) PVC

They are commonly known as polyvinyl chloride tubes. They are especially used for household use on the vent and sewer. They are normally available in gray or white colors and fit different diameters.

2) ABS

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They are commonly known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic tubes. They are also used for domestic purposes. They are black in color and are designed to fit different diameters. They can also be used on vent and sewer installation but since they differ greatly with PVC tubes in rate of expansion.


There are commonly known as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride plastic tubes. They have the same properties as the PVC tubes but they can withstand high fluid temperatures, hence are good for all kinds of water supply applications.

4) Polyethylene

These plastic tubes are quite flexible are mostly used in garden irrigation, waste disposals and floor radiant systems of heating. They are available in rolls and come in different lengths and widths. They are put together with the help of clamps and fittings and are the most economical in terms of installation.