Guide To Buy Stun Master Stun Guns

There are literally hundreds of different stun gun manufacturers in the world today that have stun guns for sale. Some are relatively new manufacturers. Many of been around for decades. It may not seem important to you now, but when you go looking for your first stun gun it will. You want a company that has a large product based choose from.

A company that has been around for a long time and has developed a reputation for reliability. You want a company that offers a no-nonsense return policy in case of defective workmanship-someone who guarantees their products.

So even if you've had it for 20 years and something goes wrong, you can get it replaced. That doesn't happen very often in the business world. It is indicative of the quality of the product that you buy in the first place. They stand behind their products. You can  also visit website to buy stun guns online.

Guard-dog security is a company that has been around for decades. They guarantee every one of their products for the life of the product.

As a company Guard-dog security  is constantly making improvements to their products to provide smaller products with more voltage and still keep the price very competitive. Here's review of three of their best stun guns for sale.

It still came with a free nylon holster with belt loop and the three lithium batteries that are needed to operate the stun gun but the price was the same.

How To Legally Own A Stun Gun

A stun gun is a non-lethal electrical weapon that works by charging a person's body with a low electrical current, which is then interpreted as nervous pain. It is often used for self-defense, in and out of the home. To be effective, a stun gun must be pressed against an attacker's body. Stun guns are not to be confused with the TASER, which is a trademarked brand of electrical weapon that can be used from a distance of up to 15 feet. There are specific requirements to be fullfilled for getting the legal ownership of a stun gun.

Be over the age of 18. If under 18, live in a state whose laws allow you to own a stun gun (these include Kentucky, Maine and Alabama).

Live in a state with few or no restrictions on the ownership and use of stun guns, which include the states named in Step 1, as well as Arizona, Texas, Utah and others. (Note: These days, you can get stunguns at a cheap price through various online portals.)

Familiarize yourself with the stun gun laws in your home state, if you are unwilling to relocate. Be willing to obtain a weapons permit or license, depending on local laws. Do not carry your stun gun into places where it may be prohibited, such as gaming or liquor establishments or schools.