Organic Cosmetics – What You Really Need to Know

Organic cosmetics are getting more and more coverage these days, but is what you read fact or fiction? A product labeled "organic" is not surely free from harmful ingredients. There are many unknowns and errors in the world of organic cosmetics, it is worthwhile to know how to spot the real thing.

I feel frustrated. I just ended reading yet another article on the benefits of natural/organic cosmetics and skincare products. It is always encouraging to see an article on this subject in a mainstream journal, that is until you start reading. Most often they turn out to be misleading if not completely wrong.You can also look for Non- toxic cosmetic products for children by browsing the web.

A popular beauty magazine that I read constantly ran an article for their October issue on natural products and stated that "organic products" are the way to go because they "exclude chemical pesticides and certain synthetics meant to have health risks". The true story here would be that the manufacturers of organic cosmetic and skin care products eliminate harmful chemicals only if they choose to exclude them. The organic ingredients they use may have been grown without the use of pesticides but just because they include organically grown ingredients does not mean that they are automatically free from all harmful ingredients. 

The article goes on to suggest several organic product lines, some of which contain the above-mentioned synthetic ingredients. They also gave a hit and miss classification of terms, stating that "natural" ingredients are those that are derived from a plant source that has not been altered or processed and implied that the US government actually regulates ingredients that go into cosmetics.