Best Moscow Mule Recipes

The Number one on the list of the best Moscow mule recipes is the one that has mint in it. Just like with any beverage or food that contains this herb, its flavor transforms into something extra inspirational.

The classic mule is brilliant on its own, but when you add the mint, it becomes a different experience. For more information about Moscow Mule Mugs, you can navigate to


70 mL of vodka

70 mL of ginger beer

30 mL of lime extract

20 mL of maple syrup

Mint ice cubes


Get the mint ice cubes from the fridge and associate it to the blend of liquid elements. When the ice melts, the distinct taste of the herb will also fuse into the drink.

For the mint ice cubes:

While boiling a cup of water, chop a handful of fresh mint leaves and combine with a ¼ cup of sugar. Once you have the hot water, drop the dry mixture to it and only stop mixing when you notice that all the sugar granules are gone. Allow this flavor to be incorporated into the water before you strain it and pour into the ice tray.

Copper glasses are classic and so they do offer a distinctive look, introducing a little of design to the drink. You don’t have to consume your mules from copper glasses but the copper pot can be an unavoidable part of drinking experience and its history.