Quality Product Are Made-up Of Earthly Ingredients


Looking graceful is dream of every woman. Makeup helps in enhancing one’s beauty. Chemical based cosmetic products have worst after effects. With such awareness regarding cosmetic products women feel hesitant in applying makeup.

Mineral cosmetics has replaced conventional cosmetics as they have many benefits over them.Mineral foundation makes the skin to breathwhich helps in enhancing skin texture. Mineral foundation consists of mica and titanium dioxide which are beneficial forskin.

Makeup professionals play major role in influencing physiology of women. Mineral foundations are recommended by makeup experts and makeup professionals because of their endless benefits. Mineral foundation does not contain laboratoryprepared synthetic ingredients and this make them suitable for every skin texture be it normal, dry or oil. Mineral foundation does not have harmful after effects on skin as early aging, skin breakouts and skin irritation.

Mineral foundation has long shelf life because of the ingredients it comprises of. Those ingredients do not support bacterial growth as they are totally earthly.Many women do not prefer to wear makeup on daily basis but love to have good collection in that case they would always prefer mineral cosmetics because of their longer shelf life.

Application method of mineral foundation is totally different from conventional foundation. Mineral foundation is always applied through kabuki brush and is used in far less quantity compared to conventional foundation. Now days natural looks are more preferred and more work is done in hiding the makeup and this demands for mineral foundation as mineral foundation gives more natural looks compared to conventional foundation.

Natural VS Synthetic Makeup Brushes

Make up brushes comes in various materials, types and brands; it becomes difficult to choose from such a huge range. Mainly there are two types of makeup brushes that are:

1. Natural makeup brushes

Natural makeup brushes contain hair from a variety of animals. These makeup brushes are made of natural hair from animals such as goat or squirrel. Natural makeup brushes are famous for durability and better quality, especially when powdered makeup is being applied on skin. These kinds of brushes work best from eyebrows to bronzers. Bristles from natural makeup brushes move freely, they pick up enough makeup to apply in one swipe. Natural makeup brushes consists of cuticles, which help to enhance and absorb pigment with skin’s natural oil and blend them flawlessly on face, giving a natural look. These brushes are also known as eco makeup brushes. Most customers prefer to buy cruelty free and high quality makeup brushes.


2. Synthetic makeup brushes 

Synthetic makeup brushes are made up of synthetic or nylon bristles. These brushes do not have cuticles, which makes them compatible to use with cream or liquid makeup like foundation or concealer. These brushes have the unique quality of naturally gravitating towards each other, which allows more precision in strokes, smoothness in application and gives streak-less application. Because of the hairs’ precise properties, they are great for angled, sharply cut brushes. Synthetic brushes may cause allergies or irritate sensitive skin as they are made from nylon and synthetic materials.

These are a few differences between natural and synthetic makeup brushes.