Different Types of Shrimps

One of the most popular seafood is shrimp. There are various types of shrimps available in the market and each of these types is used for making different dishes. The good thing is you can easily purchase shrimps from any grocery store. Below are a few types of shrimps that are often used for cooking purposes:

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1. Cold Water Shrimp

These are available in pre-cooked form which makes it easier for you to use. You can easily use these shrimps in salads and appetizers. They have a sweet taste which goes nicely with a spicy salad or sauce.

2. Tiger Shrimps

As the name suggests, these shrimps have stripes on their body similar to tigers. They are also bigger in size compared to other types of shrimps but when you cook them their size shrinks. These can easily be used for several types of recipes, especially for pasta recipes.

3. Brown Shrimps

These types of shrimps have earthier tone sand look somewhat similar to crawfish. This is because both these types of seafood have high content of iodine. Brown shrimps are easily available and you can order them from fresh seafood delivery Sydney. These are often used in restaurants as they are easy to cook. You can boil, steam or fry them and their taste remains intact unlike other types of shrimps that can turn chewy if you do not cook them in the right way.

Although it can be tricky to cook shrimps but the above mentioned are a few types that you can easily cook at home.