CBD To Combat Nicotine Addiction

A recent scientific study has demonstrated the potential of cannabidiol (CBD), a substance found in marijuana, in combating nicotine addiction. Researchers from Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit of University College of London, explained that science is making it increasingly clear the role of the endocannabinoid system in this type of addiction.


In this pilot study published by Elsevier, scholars have divided into two groups of 12 to 24 volunteers the tobacco smokers giving to a group (chosen at random without their know) an inhaler with the CBD and to the other group an inhaler with a placebo substance, explaining that they can use it when they felt the urge to smoke a cigarette.

After a week the data were saying that those who used the placebo, had not decreased the number of cigarettes smoked, but those who had used the CBD reduced cigarettes by an average of 40%. The results also indicate that the effects of CBD were also maintained in the subsequent period.

According to the researchers these early data, combined with the knowledge that science already have on this compound, suggest that the obvious potential of cannabidiol in combating nicotine addiction, are to be explored and best quality products should be used in thefuture studies.