Making the Job Offer

How to Hire an Employee?

So you've made it this far! Congratulations! In previous articles, I walked you through several steps which included:

  • Preparing the job description
  • Writing your interview questions
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Checking references and…
  • Determining an appropriate salary; a salary that is fair and equitable.

I can't emphasize the "fair and equitable" part of the salary offer enough. You can search for available job openings at various companies for Marketing jobs.

Don't play games with the candidate by offering an artificially low salary just to see if you can get away with it. Whenever possible, offer your job candidates what is appropriate for the job market and appropriate for your company.

If there are financial reasons why you can't offer a competitive salary, think about other ways that you can supplement a salary that is lower than what might be normally paid in your region and be up front with your job candidate about the offer.

Some other things to think about are allowing employees to work flexible schedules, or work from home.

Now it's time to make the job offer.

Give your final candidate a call and extend the job and salary offer, but keep in mind that your candidate may want to negotiate.

If the salary is not negotiable, it's a good idea to tell the candidate that up front as part of the job offer, keeping in mind that you should be sensitive in the way that you communicate the message.

How to Turn Your Customer Experience in a Job Offer?


Being a customer is one of the endless exercises that we do consistently keeping in mind the end goal to give ourselves the many items and administrations we utilize each day.  Current jobs in Marketing, Advertising and Design. In the career opportunities of NOZ job world Creative finds their new job.

Being a customer is an extremely important asset to land a position. This is on account of customers are the end clients of the items and administrations organizations give, they pay cash for them and experience both their advantages and their imperfections. That is the reason organizations esteem a great deal their customers' input.

Numerous corporate organizations like Apple, Adidas and LEGO contract Mystery Shopping Agencies with a specific end goal to assess their administrations. These organizations enlist puzzle customers that go to these retailers, areas, and act like customers, request discussions identified with the item or administration and afterward they assess the nature of the administration got.

This is the manner by which it works:

1. Take a gander at the spots, shops, eateries, auto washing administration, grocery store and so on that you as of now purchase from or have enough data about and so on. You can utilize your experience as a customer for picking the organization you need to work with or you can simply choose about your most loved organization and after that turn into their customer.

2. Accepting you purchase habitually enough from them, attempt to recognize a few burdens or open doors for development in an item, benefit or in the business general. On the other hand in the event that you are a worker and need to get advancement you can take a gander at the frameworks inside the organization (e.g. security, bookkeeping, HR office, creation and so forth.).