How To Find A Good Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney is a professional who helps customers to make legal documents that are used to direct what will happen to their personal estate or property when they die. One of the most common documents that they help a person write out is a will. 

They can, however, create other documents depending on the requirements of their customers. If you ever need the services of such an attorney, it is necessary to find the best in the industry so that you can benefit from top-notch services. Some of the most important things to consider include:


You want to work with an expert who has been in the estate planning industry for a long time. This is because they have probably learned the techniques that are used to offer top notch services owing to the number of customers they have worked with before. If possible you can ask for a list of some of the names that they have gone with before. If you want to get more knowledge about estate planning then you can also look for Alexandria Estate Planning Attorney Speedwell Law.

Personalized service

You should only work with an estate planning attorney who gives personalized service as this is the only way that you will have a solid working relationship with the attorney. Look for one who answers personally to all your queries rather of sending someone else as this shows that they don't have time for you.

The professional should also have several avenues that you can reach them through so that customers can pick the one that is most convenient for them. You can also check out to get more info about estate planning.

Strong ethics

Estate planning is a very sensitive issue that requires being addressed with a lot of importance. This is essential because the customer will not be around to see whether their wills will be governed the way they wished. This implies that it is necessary to find an attorney with strong personal ethics and integrity. You can tell a lot though communicating with the lawyer to see if they are the best persons for the job. 

Brief About Asset Protection Effects

Many professionals of substantial means are often aware of how liability for their professional actions can affect their personal lives. For instance, doctors who find themselves subject to malpractice suits not covered by, or in excess of, their malpractice insurance coverage can often benefit significantly from an asset protection strategy. You may head to, if you want to have more info on asset protection.

Further, though asset protection has often been associated with insulating professionals from liability associated with the their professional actions, the recent plummet in real estate values has made highly-leverage real estate investors acutely aware of the importance of the insulation an asset protection plan can provide and is now a common form of estate planning throughout the U.S.

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Effects Of Asset Protection

Often the primary effect of asset protection is to place hurdles in the path of possible litigation in order to discourage such litigation. Moreover, by making assets unavailable to satisfy judgment claims, frivolous claims will often not be initiated and settlement of legitimate claims will often be necessitated.

In some cases, an asset protection plan can actually saddle a person's creditors with a substantial tax liability and no means by which to pay the liability. For example, a judge issues an order in favour of the creditor of a partner in a limited partnership. The order entitles the creditor to receive payments from the partnership that are due to the partner.

If the limited partnership is structured so that the managing partner has discretion as to if and when distributions are made and refuses to make a distribution to the partner, the IRS will often hold the creditor liable for the amount of the distribution that should have been made but was not.

Estate Planning – Family Business Succession Plan

Many large business houses have been facing the problems of succession issues. At the same time, smaller enterprises are not immune from the syndrome either. An effective business succession plan is one of the most important aspects of estate planning at its best. 

While chalking out their estate planning many estate owners forget taking care of one of the major aspects of it, the family business succession plan. Large commercial enterprises like Reliance and General Motors have already faced such problems and there are numerous others who have already been in the frying pan or in line for it.

Not having such plan in place could create real problems. Yet having one could really help even after the death of the original owner preventing the family going apart due to property conflicts. Since careful planning and strategy building are both involved in such planning, services of some reputed and reliable probate attorney could be the real help. If you need any help regarding estate planning, you can also contact monterey park attorney online.

Developing a family business succession plan may be an integral part of the overall estate planning but it is no mean task. Psychological barriers apart from other considerations, the state of mind of some of the inheritors and their current status could all substantially influence the formation of such plans. 

Estate Planning Traps and How to Avoid Them

There are many estate planning traps that can sabotage your goals. Below are some common estates planning mistakes that can undermine your estate plan, and advice on how to avoid them. Remember, your estate plan will speak for you when you cannot, so it's imperative to get it right. Always seek the guidance of a certified elder law or estate planning attorney.

-Permitting the provisions of your will to conflict with the beneficiary designations of your assets. 

Review all your beneficiary designations, and make sure they are in synch with your will. If you want to get more knowledge about estate planning then you can also visit

– Creating a living trust but failing to transfer your assets into it.

Consult your elder law attorney about what assets belong in your trust. Then contact your financial institutions to retitle the appropriate assets into the name of your revocable trust.

– Leaving specific assets to specific people.

Generally speaking, it's better to leave your heirs percentages of assets rather than specific assets.

– Believing that your will provides protection if you become disabled.

Create a health care surrogate to ensure that if you become incapacitated, someone you know and trust can make your medical decisions. Create a Durable Power of Attorney appointing someone to make your financial decisions, or alternatively, create and fund a revocable living trust.

– Making one or more children co-owners of your assets in order to avoid probate of the asset.

You may make your child a beneficiary of your asset, or allow the asset to pass to your child through your will or trust.

Ways to Avoid Probate and Trust Litigation

Litigation after the death of a loved one is never easy. It often pits relatives against relatives and can be very stressful at that time.   It is not something that you want to happen when your loved ones are already dealing with their loss. How can you make sure that your loved ones don't fight or become involved in litigation over your estate?

Following are some things that you can do in order to avoid litigation:

1) Communication. 

You must inform your heirs if you are making a distribution that is just not natural. A "natural" disposition is when you leave your estate to your heirs such as your children’s or grandchildren’s. Whereas an "unnatural" disposition is where you disinherit your natural heirs and leave your entire estate to someone you have known for 6 months, for example, or a caregiver, or other distant family members or charities. You can meet our attorneys and clear your queries regarding probate.

2) Have properly prepared legal documents. 

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Make sure that your estate planning documents are properly organized and prepared. So often, litigation arises because of wills or trusts that were not properly drafted in the first place. If you are concerned about someone contesting your will or trust, you certainly don't want to do it yourself or use a "trust mill" or online service.

3) Include "no contest" clauses in your estate planning documents.

Most of the wills and trusts have a "no contest" clause. It discourages disputes over a will or a trust because it provides that someone who contests certain provisions in your estate plan will not be entitled to an inheritance. Depending on where you live, some "no contest" clauses can be easily overcome.

How To Maximize Our Savings With A Retirement Plan?

All of us believe that an expense automatically reduces after retirement. However, soaring inflation and rising cost of medical care can leave less money in your pocket, forcing us to cut down on other essential expenses. With inflation i.e. running at 7-8%, our expenses will double every 9-10 years. Therefore, to remain afloat, we must ensure that our retirement corpus too doubles during this period. To know more about estate planning services, you may navigate to our official website.

Indeed, one of the greatest financial challenges for a financially secure life after retirement is making our savings keep pace with inflation. Only a good retirement plan can ensure that your savings maximize your potential income at a risk level you are comfortable with.

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What is a Retirement Plan?

A Retirement Plan is a financial plan that takes into account our financial goals, current financial situation and risk profile to outline an investment strategy that ensures that you have sufficient income after you hang up your boots.

A comprehensive retirement plan is one that includes following factors:

1) It must contain your current age.

2) It should have correct knowledge about when you are going to retire.

3) It must consist of our current household expenditure.

4) It must determine the lifestyle that you desired after retirement.

5) It must contain information about yearly rise in cost or inflation.

6) It must have knowledge about the retirement corpus that we will need.

7) It must be aware of the type of investment that we need to make.

8) It should also contain our goals e.g. children's needs for higher education and marriage.

Some Important Considerations When Doing Estate Planning

Below are a few of the things you will need to go over with your legal professional while preparing an real estate plan:

Subscription of accounts – from the investments you possess away, you might have several accounts with various finance institutions also. Among the things you must do is to examine if your accounts are properly registered with the person of your choosing. When you have a full time income trust, the accounts also needs to be signed up in the name of the trustee. You can also visit King of Prussia living trust attorney for estate planning.

Beneficiaries – That is one of the main of all things you will need to take into consideration when doing house planning. It is because you're making the program mainly to specify who will be the beneficiaries of your premises and assets if you pass away. It's also advisable to regularly update the program to check on if the beneficiaries you included you may still find the ones you would like to bequeath your property.

A power of Lawyer – Due to a sickness or a major accident, you can get incapacitated. You could anticipate because of this eventuality by naming someone (even your legal professional himself if you completely trust him) to make financial and healthcare decisions in your stead. Performing a Durable Electric power of Attorney gives you to do name the individual of your decision for such decisions.

Previous Will and Testament – That is a legal declaration where you specify a person to control your house after your fatality. This report also specifies how your premises are likely to be allocated once you're ended up. It ensures the correct copy of certain resources in the way you've specified.