How to Remember Emoticon Keys For BBM?

Emoticons are also called Smileys. It generally used in almost all Chat messengers, emails and other online discussion boards. In earlier days of online messaging systems like Yahoo Messenger and AOL already introduced smileys for their users. Still now the latest messengers also the same keyboard keys for some populular smileys. For example: and ) symbol represents a smile in our chat messages. Similar like we used hundreds of cool smileys in our text messages. Each smiley or emoticon has its own meaning. A important fact, more persons don’t know actually some bbm emoticons meanings.

Using emotion in Blackberry device is simple one. If you can’t remember which emoticon you need to use on particular situation you can use the packages. We can use some set of good emoticons packed in a application. It spread over more categories what we are using in our daily life. That may be a smile, cry, congrats etc. Whatever feelings you can easily expose through emoticons easily. From my experience, you can use unlimited emoticons by the form of App. In Google PlayStore or Blackberry App Store some best applications available. Simply install your preferred one in your Blackberry device, you are ready do use. Interested in thousands of cool emotions for BBM?  Browse around this BBM display pictures blog you can enjoy more.