Budget Traveling to the Byron Bay

The best way to make the most of any vacation or travel if you are looking for a budget travel is to make it a road trip. You get to explore some unexpected spots, stop at great vista points, speak to locals on the way and get some fantastic travel tips, eateries, hang out spots that you would not experience otherwise.

Courtesy: carhire

Campervans, RV’s, especially the VM Kombi’s are an integral part of the Australian culture. These are some of the classic vintage cars that everyone wants to get their hands on. What better reason than drive it along for a road trip? Most of the rental car companies stock them with the necessities like a bunk bed for kids, a sleeping bench, two burner stove, etc. You do not need to even look for hotel and actually save some bucks to spend elsewhere. There are some really cool rental car companies owned by surfing and travel enthusiasts themselves so everything you need is taken care. Look up for Car Rentals in Byron Bay and you will have the best from the lot.

Think about the following to help you make a decision:

  1. Budget – How much are you willing to spend?
  2. How many people are traveling – Depending on this you could choose from either a classic VW Beatle, a Kombi, budget traveler, etc.
  3. Are you camping – Will you book a hotel or stay back in your RV?

Sleep with these thoughts and see what works best for you!