About the Diesel Performance Chips

If you’re looking for information on increasing the hp, torque and gas mileage on your diesel pickup or medium work truck, please take the time to learn this article. If you are looking for power stroke performance parts, then you can browse:

Strictly Diesel – Diesel Performance Parts

A Diesel Performance Chip or ability programmer may be what you are enthusiastic about studying. A programmer, or a downloaded, is a handheld tuning computer with the ability of reprogramming the vehicles on board computer by plugging in to the under dash diagnostic dock.

Some are even code visitors in the some product. A chip is an upgraded part that enhancements your stock part. There are also modules and potato chips that plug in to the vehicles wiring funnel that you can adapt and disable on the take a flight.

Performance potato chips are easy to set up with torque benefits up to 200 pounds/ft or soon add up to 171 ponies under the hood with regards to the specific vehicle.

For simplicities sake, we will just call all of them potato chips. They work by changing the vehicles timing curve, switch point, the rev, and velocity limiters, and the gasoline rate. They are simply to use , nor void the guarantee.

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