Effective Makeup: Eyebrow Micro blading

If you have not heard, micro blading is the rage nowadays!  If you need flawless, natural looking eyebrows… you can get them in about 44 minutes, who would have thought?

All of this period we have been trying to powder, pencil, gel our eyebrows… And there has a key all along…

If you are not comfortable, micro blading is a semi-automatic tattoo-like technique which lets you fill in and shape, or fully make eyebrows. You can also look for semi-permanent makeup training & supplies by clicking here.

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Except, it is hardly like the conventional straight line tattoo forehead many people are familiar with from the last instead it imitates hair so nicely that you cannot tell where your actual brows finish and where your brand new brows start.

The plan of this “blade” and the tech drawing hair such as strokes makes the last result look insanely genuine.

So that I eventually figured why not give it an opportunity?  And though it’s heavy up front… it is whole lot inexpensive then eyelash extensions, hair coloring, spray on tans . . . etc. . . .

Those things may be cheap originally but they’re definitely not cheap as time passes.  Micro blading is cheap in the long term, as it continues years and in many instances, only takes a bit up every 12-18 months.   In my regional area, the price of a touch up is roughly $100.

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