Food and Nutrition: Useful for a Healthy Life

Whole food, real food, clean eating: however it’s described, the people are turning- returning to minimally processed additive free food made by nature rather than by machines. Home prepared meals incorporating healthy ingredients are eminently do able alternatives that not only improve animals’ health but also are easier on the budgets. A variety of food is recommended for dogs as it is done for humans because it provides a balance of vitamins and minerals. Eating different foods from meal to meal help to achieve and you can get accurate information in Dogs Forum.

Changing brands of commercial food quickly (from one meal to the next) can cause some dogs to have tummy issues i.e. diarrhea. So it is advisable to do so slowly.

 Light cooking leaves the food for dogs more accessible to nutrients for the body. Feeding raw meat is also acceptable but feeding dogs raw ground meat from the grocery is not advisable as it may be contaminated with bacteria that can be harmful. Vegetables are a bit harder for dogs to digest for that reason it should be lightly cooked. If the veggies are needed to be boiled add the cooking water to them as they leach the vitamins in them.

For dogs fat is an energy source and provides nutrients necessary for an efficiently functioning nervous system.

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