Kids Bedroom Furniture Shopping

My daughter is very close to outgrowing her crib and it is almost time for me to go kids bedroom furniture shopping. I have no idea what to get as this is my first child. I have a relatively small space, but not tiny. I am not sure if I should go with a twin bed, or perhaps get a double that will last her into her teens. It is also hard to know what to get because my taste now may not necessarily be her taste once she begins to grow older. I am thinking that something pretty neutral may be my best bet. If I get something too feminine, it may not suit her style later and I will end up having to buy another set of furniture later.

I also do not have unlimited financial resources to spend on her furniture, but I also do not want to buy childrens lamps that are not of a good quality that will only last me a few years. Who knew that there were so many considerations to make? The crib was an easy choice. Decorating a nursery was just for me- a baby certainly would not have an opinion about Winnie the Pooh versus Beatrix Potter! This is a whole different game though, and I find myself constantly wondering what kind of person my daughter will be as she grows up! If only I had a crystal ball, it would make the whole furniture shopping experience a lot easier!